In Home Care Assistance


What is Home Health Care?

Professional home health care services includes a wide range of care and support services for those who are recovering from an acute hospital stay, who are disabled, chronically or terminally ill, and need medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment with the essential activities of day-to-day living.

Who needs Home Health Care?

Home health care needs range from simple to complex in all types of patients. In Southwest Florida home health care is primarily provided for older people who have health problems, who would rather stay in the comfort of their home with the care and assistance of a home health professional.


Additionally, home health care may also be needed for patients who return home after surgery and need care, supervision or assistance, and patients who have complex treatments that require use of medical practices, equipment, or monitoring. Sometimes care means having to coordinate and involve many areas of healthcare specialties like physical therapy, nutrition or even social services.

Types of In Home Care Assistance

  • Geriatric
  • Memory
  • Rehabilitative
  • Respite
  • Live In

Home Health Care Includes:

Geriatric Care:

Also known as “Aging Life Care” is just one of several areas At Home Health Care, Inc., focuses on to coordinate and plan for elderly individuals’ physical as well as mental needs from a long term perspective. This includes Advanced Care Planning, Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments and even Risk Assessment.

Rehabilitation Care:

Is specialized health care designed to facilitate the process of either maintaining, restoring or improving the ability of the individuals functional capabilities including strength, stamina, cognition, sensory and even emotional care with the intention of strengthening physical, cognitive, and sensory.

Memory Care:

Is nontraditional extended care for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or an advanced type of memory loss within an apartment, private home facility or facility that is personalized to the individual needs of the client. The difference between memory care in an institutional facility and a small private residence is the amount of individual care and respect the client receives.

Respite Care:

Is temporary or short term care relief for those caregivers who provide long term, extended daily care for individuals whose mental or physical health is severely compromised and will continue to decline along the health continuum spectrum. This short term accommodation often allows the full-time caregiver relief from extremely stressful and extenuating circumstances to care for themselves in order to resume caregiver responsibilities effectively and safely.

Live-In Care:

Is short term, long term or temporary care that is extended to clients when medical concerns are too great for traditional types of care and a health care professional is required on a consistent basis. This is a challenging time for the individual and their family. Live in care is a great option for individuals who need assistance with the day-to-day activities of daily living but are more comfortable and capable at home.