We Also Provide Care for Many Different Types of Health Conditions Like Strokes, Large and Small

A stroke can be a life altering experience. Its impact ripples across physical, mental and emotional health, which is why At Home Health Care makes it a point to assist in your whole recovery, not just the physical aspect.

A stroke varies in severity and may require anywhere between minimal to day-to-day intensive care. At Home Health Care professionals are experienced in tending Southwest Florida clients at every level. We can perform physical and occupational therapy for mild to moderate impairments straight from the comfort of our client’s home. Our nurses make it a point to create a safe space for therapy and various exercises. They provide the support and encouragement clients need to recover along with the care and compassion they expect. You never have to be alone because we’ll be there 24/7.

Our staff at At Home Health Care believes in-home care should provide support for both the affected individual and the family. We understand that strokes affect everyone differently. Some clients may experience cognitive changes. In cases like these, our professionals help families take control of what they can. We take the time to educate our clients about the most effective ways to improve their health and involve them in the decision making process.

When you hire our nurses and assistants, you are investing in more than just a service. We give you the peace of mind that our clients are always cared for with attentiveness and empathy. Give us a call today to see how we can help improve you or a loved one’s quality of life.