Post Operative Recovery Care

We Provide Care for Individuals Who Require Post Operative Recovery After All Types of Reconstructive Surgery

When it comes to post-operative care, At Home Health Care’s experienced staff remains in high demand. We recognize the need for compassionate and effective treatment to facilitate recovery and prevent complications.

The first 48 hours is when post-operative care is the most crucial which is why our nurse’s maintain hospital quality care when working within patients’ homes. Each one of our staff members are trained in post-operative procedures and work closely with your physician to ensure we’re aware of the specific needs for your recovery. We maintain a keen eye for the unexpected and address any complications that may arise as we help you progress on the road to recovery.

With At Home Health Care, you can trust the hands you’re in. Our company makes it a point to employ empathetic nurses who are as kind as they are effective, so pick up the phone today and let’s talk about how we can setup post-operation surgery care for you.

What We Provide

  • Skilled Nurses in the art of post-operative recovery
  • Staffing 24 hours a day/7 days a week including holidays
  • Transportation before and after surgery
  • After-Care visits
  • All Medical Supplies required for safe and effective Post-Operative Care
  • Home/Suite recovery
  • Patient Teaching to ensure our patients feel confident during their recovery phase
  • Complete Confidentiality of our patients privacy

Recovery After Surgery

We provide all of our services in the privacy and comfort of your home or an alternate residence. Our services with At Home Health Care are coordinated and supervised by a skilled nurse. Our staff is available from the time you leave surgery until you feel comfortable on your own. The Director of Surgical Services is available to you at any time during your recovery with At Home Health Care, Inc. All employees are fully bonded, insured, with background screenings and approved references. Our employees are licensed in the state of Florida and have received special training in the art of post-operative care for plastic surgery. As your recovery team we follow the physician’s detailed instructions to help minimize your discomfort and ensure the results you desire.

Your Personal Comfort and Safety is our Highest Priority

  • Each case is supervised and evaluated by clinical management to ensure that high standards of care are maintained.
  • Our nurses are highly trained to assess important healing issues and recovery solutions relating to your specific procedures and individual needs.
  • Post procedural care followed per your physician’s instructions.
  • Our compassionate and commitment to quality care will ensure you achieve a comfortable and safe recovery.
  • Transportation from your Doctor’s office or surgery center is provided by our nurses upon request.