Medical Management Services

Medication is prescribed to help individuals heal or manage their symptoms, but they can pose a danger if taken improperly. At Home Health Care offers medical management services to Southwest Florida patients who cannot manage their regimens on their own. Our licensed professionals (RN’s and LPN’s), will come to you or a loved one’s home to administer prescribed medications according to the instructions provided by the physician.

At Home Health Care believes in going the extra mile for our patients. On top of collaborating with your physician to create a care plan that addresses your needs, our experienced nurses will take the time to educate patients and their families on the medication and the details behind your at-home regimen. We make it a point to deliver compassionate and professional service that will give you comfort and peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying about your health and more time enjoying life.

If you or a loved one is having trouble managing their medication regiment, don’t risk the chance of overdose or non-compliance. Call At Home Health Care to discuss how we can arrange a medical management plan that works for you.

What Services Are Provided With Medication Management?

  • The nurse assess the individual for adequate support concerning medication compliance.
  • The nurse educates the individual and the family regarding proper medication administration like dosage, frequency and side effects.
  • The nurse will evaluate the individual’s therapeutic response to the prescribed medication(s).
  • The nurse also assesses the individual for effectiveness of pain management.
  • The nurse coordinates with the individual’s physician and pharmacist for a positive outcomes from the medication treatment.
  • The nurse will assess for duplicate medications.
  • The nurse will assist in developing medication schedule that works for the individual and the prescribed treatment.
  • The nurse will review the medications with all the other over the counter medications in the home to ensure a safe therapeutic outcome.
  • The nurse will assess for drug interactions adherence.