About Us


At Home Health Care, Inc. is dedicated to providing personal, compassionate, quality health care services to all individuals in the surrounding Southwest Florida communities by promoting optimal services responsive to specific patient needs while improving their comfort, education, safety, independence and quality of life.


To be the premiere health care agency in Southwest Florida known for our quality and personally tailored health care services delivering exceptional care that exceeds the expectations of our clients while providing positive outcomes with an affordable value to each and every individual we serve.


At Home Health Care holds these values to be an unspoken agreement between our business and the clients we serve.

  • Trust- We have confidence in one another and are honest in our actions and communications.
  • Education- We strive to continually progress our skills and expertise through continuing education each and every year.
  • Confidentiality- We adhere to the highest ethical health standards regarding all communications per HIPPA requirements.
  • Equality- We pride ourselves on the ability to treat every client as an individual with all the same rights for each client.
  • Communication- We give thoughtful and responsive attention to each person and to their individual needs.
  • Compassion- We offer empathy and care in all our services we provide as though we are caring for our loved ones.
  • Pride- We encourage and celebrate our contributions to the welfare of our community.
  • Quality- We continually improve the care and services we provide to our clients, physicians, co-workers, and community.
  • Integrity- We are honest and practice fair, consistent, ethical and honest behavior.
  • Appearance- We take pride in our personal and environmental appearance because we love what we do.
  • Networking- We are continually integrating and associating with new community health care providers, their services, community health programs and other ancillary services to promote continuity of care for our clients.
  • Stewardship- We take a professional role for efficient and effective care and being responsible for our resources and our environment.